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A new cookery class has just started in Phnom Penh. A Touch of Asia popped along to give it a try this week.

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La Table Khmere has expanded its restaurant to double the previous size and has made a purpose-built room for cooking classes. The design is just perfect for working and sound proofing from the restaurant means guests cannot hear would be cooks pounding away at their pestle and mortars!

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Classes are held at 3pm and last for 3 hours. Shortly morning classes will be introduced which will include a market tour. Tuition is for a maximum of 12 guests. Whilst the work space is ample, the smaller the better, when it comes to cooking classes in our opinion. Private classes can also be arranged.

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A Touch of Asia tried our hand at preparing mango salad with dry shrimps, fish amok and sago banana pudding – three, very typical Khmer dishes. After the fish amok had steamed all the participants sat down together in the restaurant to share their opinions on the quality of the cooking. Most were impressed and ‘better than the one we had the other night’ was mentioned by more than one…

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As ever a cookery class is a great way for tourists to get long-lasting, experiential memories of their travels. A Touch of Asia recommends the class at La Table Khmere and the restaurant is also a great place for dinner. Many of the boutique hotels are located in close proximity to the restaurant so it is a convenient place to find.