Travel Asia a la carte took advantage of the sunny weather for a biking tour along the Mekong River. Starting and finishing in Phnom Penh, we cycled down one bank of the mighty river and then back along the opposite side.

Cambodia is an ideal country for cycling. The country is shaped like a cauldron meaning that the vast majority is completely flat and nearly all the hills are found around the borders of the country in the areas neighbouring Thailand and Vietnam.

At this time of year – dry season starting to become hot season – there is a lot of farming work taking place along the river. Villagers take advantage of lower water levels to plant crops in the fertile dried up river bed. Cabbages, eggplants, pumpkins, herbs and much more can all be seen growing. All the crops will need to be harvested before the water levels start rising once the rains begin in a few months.

An ideal tour for visitors who have an interest in cycling and getting into the beautiful countryside is Explore Angkor By Bike & Kayak which is suitable for beginners.Phnom Penh to Prey Veng 9 Dec 2012